A documentary based on a test, otherwise known as “documentary essay” raises a theoretical issue relating to an event or historical event and analyzes the merits of the issue by creating a debate on both sides, based on current facts. For many students, the tests based on documentary issues are quite difficult due to the amount of time and research is needed to complete the test. The shape of this type of work can make many students feel overwhelmed and worried about where and how to start working on his documentary essay.

Choose a theme. You do not need a title chosen perfectly drafted before you can move to the next step of preparing your documentary essay. However, this type of work you do necessarily require a significant amount of research. Therefore, an idea of ​​the specific subject on which you want to write you avoid walking aimlessly wandering the library and the Internet for hours, without any exact address. You can choose any topic as true historical facts. Your topic need not be related to a famous person or an important historical event; however, finding information and facts by people will make the job easier to choose obscure subjects that have little or no documented history.

Create your title asking a question about your topic. For example, if your theme is “World War II” your question might be “The Second World War changed the global economy?” or “World War II was the catalyst for the Cold War?” You can use the phrase question / issue that occurred to you as the title of your documentary essay.

Research your topic and looking for facts to substantiate and refute the question of your title. Please read history books, text materials and scholarly articles to gather as many facts as possible about your topic. For example, if you’re writing about “How World War II changed the global economy,” you need to research on the state of the global economy before and after the Second World War. Be sure to focus your research on the relevant facts and points. If you’re writing about the economic effects of World War II, no need specific information about military strategies that were used during the war.

Create an outline of “neutral facts”, “positive developments” and “negative facts”. Neutral facts are indisputable points are quite the year of a certain event occurred or the people who were involved. Positive events are those underlying question your title or tend to make it seem “more real”. Negative events have the opposite effect and disprove the question of your title. The best way to create this outline is to create a heading for each section in your word processor and write the facts under the appropriate heading as you are. A good practice is to label the source of information beside the fact you mention. Continue adding to your outline until you have enough information to give an overview of your topic and two well-reasoned arguments (one in favor and one opposed) to the question in your title.

Establishes a structure for your documentary essay. First place the titles in your document (rather than “as you advance”) to guide you through the writing process. You must have titles for your “Introduction” and “Overview” of your theme, argumentative statement in favor of the question on your subject, an opposite argumentative statement to question your topic, an analysis section to start the discussion and “conclusion”.
Use your sketch to fill the sections you created in Step 5. When you reach the “analysis” section, you must trust your own logic and reasoning to deal with the facts that you’ve obtained. However, a solid outline will help you start your documentary essay.